Testimonials Section

The Philippines will become more and more of an attractive investment, retiree and vacation destination. I have no doubt that Dataflo MLS is a winner.

- Randy Hildreth, Retired Municipal Real Estate Appraiser, Cebu City, Philippines

What was once difficult, time consuming and unreliable, Dataflomls.com made simple, efficient and reliable. It's about time the Philippines had a professional real estate MLS system.

- Paul Strombock, Investor, San Diego, California USA

We are happy to offer our testimonial for the Dataflo MLS corporation. Without the benefit of MLS in our investment strategy, we are walking through the dark. We see the Philippines as a good investment. Dataflo MLS is a service that people need.

- Mr and Mrs Naoki Chiyoko, International Real Estate Investors, Chiba, Japan

We knew that the timing, technology and expertise that they offer in their Philippine products was a good bet. As soon as we heard about what they were doing there, we bought in.

- James and Kellie Starker, Real Estate Broker, Investor, Burlington, WI USA