George B. Flessas, President
George Flessas has more than twenty four years experience as a Real Estate Broker in the State of Wisconsin and has consistently ranked in the top 1% in REO sales production for many consecutive years. He is an expert in mortgage field services, mortgage default asset management and MLS technical aspects in addition to BPO valuation theory. He has also worked for several years in the Las Vegas, Nevada market in association with several leading local and national REO organizations.


Damien Chiodo, Chairman – Acquired REO Asset Management Division, Philippines
Damien began his career in the financial industry in 1993 at EDS Financial, working his way up to the position National Sales Director. In 1995, he was appointed Vice President of Nations Direct where he spent the next eight years developing ground breaking settlement procedures and processes that increased volume exponentially. In 2001, Damien founded KeyLink Real Estate Solutions providing acquired asset and other default management services to banks, servicing and lending institutions. His extensive career in financial services encompasses settlement, mortgage, real estate and default services. He continues to pioneer new and innovative ways of managing acquired assets and REO property.


Ty Reed, Director of Operations – Acquired REO Asset Management Division, Philippines
Ty Reed started his default servicing career in 2002 at GMAC Mortgage Corporation while working as a Team Lead in the Loss Mitigation Department, where he focused on short sales he managed the sale of residential REO properties with total loan balances of approximately $50 million (US). Here began to build his vast network of distribution channels which include buyers, investors, contractors, closing agents and real estate agents. In 2007, Ty accepted a position with National Default Servicing as VP of Client Management where he managed the acquired asset operations for industry giants Wilshire Credit, GMAC, and Fannie Mae. Ty was promoted to REO/Acquired Asset Director in 2008 and routinely managed 10,000+ assets annually. In 2009, Ty co-founded Key Link Asset Management with Damien Chiodo. Together they continue to pioneer new and innovative ways of managing REO property.


Greger Eriksson, Vice President – Technical Director
Greger Eriksson has more than 22 years experience in the heavy industry. He has worked with software design, system design leading, project planning, site commissioning and site management on several projects all around the world. For the last 17 years he has been stationed in South East Asia.


Marcus Shirley, Chairman of the Board
Marcus Shirley has more than twenty four years experience as an REO Broker and is the Principal of Bottom Line Home Realty Services of Atlanta, Georgia. He is recognized as one of the leading REO brokerage firms for high volume sales production and asset management for HUD, Fannie Mae and several major national banks and financial institutions. He is also the South East Atlantic Regional Director of the NRBA, National REO Broker’s Association in addition to a well recognized national REO brokerage keynote speaker and contributing author to REOMAC and other international publications.


Atty. Raymond Alvin N. Garcia, Secretary – Legal Affairs
Atty. Garcia is a key contributor to the Dataflo MLS Contract and Form Library and an expert in corporate and intellectual property law. He is also the Administration Head of the Cebu Sunstar Newspaper which is the flagship newspaper of the Sunstar network of newspapers and is the leading newspaper in both Metro Cebu and the province of Cebu.


Nancy Braun, Director of Public Relations, Dataflo MLS International REO North America
Nancy Braun has sixteen years experience as a Top Producing Real Estate Broker. She is a graduate of Cornell University and SUNY Buffalo School of Law and a member of the BAR in New York and Washington, D.C. She is currently licensed as a real estate broker in both North Carolina and South Carolina and the Principal of Showcase Realty, LLC which operates multiple offices in the Carolinas. Member NRBA, REOMAC and REO4KIDS.


Lars B. Hermansson, Senior Project Consultant
Lars Hermansson has a long background in the automation industry and is today working in the power generation business for a larger French company in the country of Sweden. Lars is heading a group of project directors responsible for large revamp projects within the Nuclear Power business.

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